Transceiver Module and Communication IC's

Transceiver modules are most important in communication systems; they serve as integrated devices that combine both transmitter and receiver functionalities. Specifically, CAN transceiver modules play a role in Controller Area Network (CAN) communication, a protocol that is widely used in automotive and industrial applications. These modules facilitate seamless data exchange between various electronic control units, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of interconnected systems.

Communication ICs enable the transfer of data between electronic devices. These communication ICs facilitate wireless communication, data transmission over the internet, or wired communication.

Together, transceiver modules and communication ICs contribute to the seamless flow of data, enabling efficient and reliable communication in a wide range of applications, from vehicle networks to industrial automation and beyond. Explore them in our store from brands like HopeRF, Mornsun, IKSEMICON, etc.

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SCM3425ASA High-speed CAN Transceiver - PO-3450-D

Stock Available : 13988

IK SEMICON ILX3232DT SOIC Interface Transceiver
IK SEMICON ILX3232DT SOIC Interface Transceiver -IC-464-D

Stock Available : 12842


Stock Available : 50


Stock Available : 35

CAN Transceiver Module TD321SCANH - TR-3325-D

Stock Available : 100

AIT Semiconductor A3085AM8VR - TR-3521-D
AIT Semiconductor A3085AM8VR - TR-3521-D

Stock Available : 15


Stock Available : 2

CMT2310A-EQR -TR-3335-D

Stock Available : 5

AIT Semiconductor A3232TMX16VR TSSOP16 - IC-3564-D
AIT Semiconductor A3232TMX16VR TSSOP16 - IC-3564-D

Stock Available : 10

AIT Semiconductor A3232M16VR SOP16 - IC-3565-D
AIT Semiconductor A3232M16VR SOP16 - IC-3565-D

Stock Available : 10

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