Fans are essential components in electronic devices; they are used to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating. Explore different types of fans, such as DC fans and AC fans, each serving specific needs in cooling applications.

DC fans operate on direct current and are commonly used in electronic devices such as computers, servers, and small electronic appliances. AC fans, running on alternating current, are utilized in various applications, including HVAC systems, large electronic equipment, and industrial machinery.

These fans play an important role in preventing thermal issues and ensuring the reliable operation of electronic systems. Explore more about different fans from brands such as Abilton and KLS Electronic in our store.

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KLS Electronic
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AC Fan 60x60x38mm 125VAC 220VAC - CF-1678-D
AC Fan 60x60x38mm 125VAC 220VAC - CF-1678-D

Stock Available : 7

KLS Electronics 12V DC Fan 60x60x20mm
60x60x20mm DC12V - CF-2001-D

Stock Available : 597

KLS Electronics 12V DC Fan 80x80x25mm 115VAC 380VAC
80x80x25mm 115VAC 380VAC - CF-2002-D

Stock Available : 72

Abilton 12V DC Fan 60x60x25mm
60x60x25mm 12V DC Fan - CF-2950-D
Abilton 12V DC Fan 90x25mm
90x25mm 12v DC Fan - CF-2954-D

Stock Available : 1

Abilton 24V DC Fan 120x120x25mm
120x25mm 24V DC Fan - CF-2955-D
80x80x25mm 12V DC - CF-2952-D

Stock Available : 3

Abilton 24V DC Fan 80x25mm
80x25mm 24V DC Fan - CF-2953-D
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