Solutions Module base Approach

Module base approach

Ready to connect modules are best to save time and money in your product development.Including ready modules in you design offers optimised performance, reduce design stress and comes fully tested and pre-certified. These modules seamlessly integrate in your design and also simplifies your product development. Using a ready module in your IoT design makes your development faster and future ready with the latest technology integrated in to your application. The demand for wireless modules globally is booming and almost all the industry are incorporating wireless connectivity technology in their end products. Following are some factors that increases the demand for ready wireless modules, rise in cloud computing, rise in adoption of smart electronic devices that support wireless module, emerging 5G technology,  etc. Campus component is one source for all your wireless module requirements. Apart from all the imported modules that are stocked with us, we are proud that we are also into manufacturing modules that are designed and developed in India which is also an advantage for customers whose data security is a big concern. The new increase in import duties for importing electronic goods by Indian government has made most of domestic customers to look for an authentic high quality ready to connect modules that offers the same quality and performance as any imported modules would do. Be it Zig-bee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and NB-IoT(Narrowband IoT), we can integrate any of them in our modules as per your design requirement. These ready modules are designed to simplify and accelerate your product development. They also offer wide operating temperature range and undergoes various safety and quality tests during developmentCampus component is one source for all your wireless module requirements. 

Zig-bee is an open global standard that is exclusively designed for M2M communication, this standard is based on IEEE’s 802.15.4 personal area network standard. Zig-bee would be an ideal choice for industrial applications because it is cheap and requires low power to run. This wireless mesh networking standard delivers low latency communication and are widely used in battery-powered devices for wireless control and monitoring activity.  Zig-bee’s specification is almost a decade old now and it’s widely considered an alternative to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth especially in applications that include low-powered devices.

Wi-Fi is based on IEEE’s 802.11 standard, one best advantage of integrating Wi-Fi in your design is that you will be able to control the smart devices from anywhere using a smartphone or a laptop. Since Wi-Fi is a most common standard there are wide range of smart devices that adheres to this standard by default. One disadvantage is that implementing Wi-Fi in your design turn out to be little more expensive than ZigBee.


Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) are based on IEEE’s 802.15.1 standard. Bluetooth offers short operating range and consumes less power than Wi-Fi and a lot less than cellular technologies. However BLE consumes even lesser power than classic Bluetooth.  BLE is much more than a low energy version of Bluetooth classic, BLE’s applications are in fact different from normal Bluetooth. One of the most common BLE’s application is to transmit sensor data. BLE technology is easy to implement, consumes very little power and widely supported.

NB-IoT is a cellular technology unlike other technologies discussed here, which makes it more expensive that the rest. Some of the advantages of NB-IoT are improved coverage than LTE, reduced consumption by intermittent operation and optimised for low end operation.

Reliable connectivity and robust security are common requirements in various IoT applications. Some common requirements are high bandwidth, low cost deployment, long life, wide coverage and mobility, such requirements result in increased competition among wireless technologies. Wireless connectivity has become a part of almost all new electronic designs. Currently electronics market include a wide variety of wireless modules to meet all different requirements and the options are expanding every single day. Hence, it’s always better to include a ready module in your design rather than designing your own discrete for widely adopted wireless protocols

Your requirement may be a Wi-Fi module, Wi-Fi module with BLE, ZigBee module or NB-IoT module, our engineering team invests good time in completely understanding your wireless requirement so that we can help you with a perfect ready to connect module to seamlessly integrate in to your design. Our business does not end with providing ready modules for your design but we also can help you with setting up mobile or web based applications to monitor and operate your products. We also provide cloud integration solution and custom antennas so that all your wireless design requirements are met. 
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