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XBEE Base Baord USB

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XBEE Base Baord USB Interfacing Board used to interface ZigBee wireless Module with Desktop or Laptop computer systems. User can use this Interfacing board to connect raw module of ZigBee to make communication between PC to PC, PC to Mechanical Assembly, PC to embedded and microcontroller based Circuits. User can also use this board to configure ZigBee (XBee) according to application. As ZigBee communicates through Serial Communication so other end of USB which is connected to PC, treated as COM port for Serial Communication. User can use any type of ZigBee module almost. It is provided with indication LEDs for ease.


  • Linear separate pin-out for Transmit data pin (TxD) and Receive data pin (RxD)
  • Onboard USB type-B port
  • Helps to interface USB device with module supporting UART
  • Six LEDs showing status of TXD, RXD, SUSPEND, RSSI, ASSOC and Power LED


  • Power supply : 5V DC (only from USB)
  • Dimensional Size : 66mm x 40mm x 12mm (l x b x h)
  • Temperature Range : 0°C to +70 °C


  • User can use this interfacing board to make communication between following devices through ZigBee wirelessly
  • PC to PC (Desktop/Laptop)
  • PC to Mechanical assembly / Robot
  • PC to Embedded / Microcontroller Circuit

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