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16x4 LCD Green Backlight

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Whenever we work with embedded system we need a reliable output device with the help of which we get the required information, now this problem is solved with the introduction of 16 character by 4 (16x4) LCD. Uses - Alphanumeric output, Information Display, Process status, in short we can keep eye on every move of our microcontroller. Available with male connector for easy interface with microcontroller.


  • A 16x4 LCD means it can display 16 characters per line and there are 4 such lines.
  • In this LCD each character is displayed in 5x7 pixel matrix.
  • Black text on green background,
  • Connection port is 0.1" pitch,
  • Single row for easy breadboarding and wiring.
  • Pins are documented on the back of the LCD to assist in wiring it up.
  • Single LED backlight included can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM and uses much less power than LCD with EL (electroluminescent) backlights.
  • Can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines!
  • Built in character set supports most English/European/Japanese text,
  • see the HD44780 datasheet for the full character set
  • Up to 8 extra characters can be created for custom glyphs or foreign language support

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