An Introductory Guide to ESP RainMaker

03.11.20 07:29 AM By Campus Component

If you are an electronics/IoT enthusiast, you must have stumbled upon the new concept of ESP RainMaker. This blog post will take you through an introduction of the ESP RainMaker and talk about the use of ESPRESSIF ESP-Wroom-02U WIFI module and ESPRESSIF ESP32-WROOM-32D WIFI module in IoT based applications.

What Is the ESP RainMaker?

        The ESP RainMaker is a very useful tool for developers who work with IoT devices that are interconnected and require smooth wireless access. It consists of a device SDK, a transparent cloud service and phone apps that adapt to changes very easily.
These three features combine to provide a powerful tool for IoT enthusiasts and developers which allows them to write codes and interact with them via flexible phone apps and voice assistants, without the need of any physical setup or heavy infrastructure.
The ESPRESSIF ESP WIFI modules play a very important role in implementing RainMaker and interacting through phone apps. One of the best Espressif distributors in India is Campus Component since they provide these modules at a reasonable price and also offer a smooth delivery process.

How Does It Work?

        To understand how the ESP RainMaker works, you need to get into the shoes of a firmware developer. Here’s how you work:

  •  You design and develop apps using the convenient ESP-IDF SDK and the ESP RainMaker Agent.
  •  You set the parameters of your device which you wish to control from the outside. These parameters are set through the application firmware.
  •  These parameters are forwarded to the RainMaker Cloud via the RainMaker Agent. The cloud communicates these parameters to the phone applications and other services such as voice assistants. This saves you from the hectic task of writing a code for the cloud.
  •  Upon reception of information from the cloud, the phone applications adjust themselves to the parameters that you defined initially.
  • Python libraries are available for developers to easily write programs in a command line and use it to control multiple devices through a single phone application. The command line is used in combination with the ESP WIFI modules. If you are looking forward to buy an Espressif module in India,

Where to Use the ESP RainMaker?

        The ESP RainMaker can be used in multiple interesting applications. Let’s look at some of the simple examples that make use of ESP RainMaker.

        A General-Purpose Input/output (GPIO) project can be easily built using the ESP RainMaker. All you need to do is write a code to control some input or output pins and allow the cloud to connect this code to your phone application. Then, using a simple touch toggle-button, you can control GPIOs through your smartphone.

        You can also turn on lights and control their brightness, hue and saturation via the ESP RainMaker. Again, a simple code is what you need to write and leave the rest on the RainMaker Agent. The  smartphone application will allow you to control these parameters using a slider control.

        You can use the ESPRESSIF ESP32-WROOM-32D WIFI module or the ESPRESSIF ESP-Wroom-02U WIFI module to act as a bridge between your smartphone and external devices so that your RainMaker app can communicate with these devices. If you wish to dig deep into the RainMaker applications, then click here. You will find a lot of resources to help you develop useful and efficient firmware codes. We hope this introductory guide has helped you get an overview of the ESP RainMaker and its applications. You can explore this useful tool for yourself and, we bet, you will be amazed to see how convenient the ESP RainMaker is.

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